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This is the way the world ends… After mankind’s folly has reduced the earth to a wasteland, the surviving citizens of the world’s enclosed cities escape from harsh reality by plugging into DreamLife, a virtual reality allowing players to combat monsters and live to play again. When the inventor of an exciting new game known as The Afterlife dies while jacked into her own creation, her death falls under the jurisdiction of Carver, a police “Dream Breaker” whose beat is the line between escapism and addiction. Carver’s investigation has barely begun when he is attacked by monsters from The Afterlife… leading him to suspect a rift has opened between reality and the world’s collective unconscious, capable of turning the heaven of virtual reality into a literal Hell on Earth. Michael Paré (EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED) heads the cast of this inventive and visionary science fiction adventure which was photographed by award-winning cinematographer Jonathan Freeman (HOLLYWOODLAND, HBO’s ROME).

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MP9148 Carver's Gate DVD (1995/Michael Pare) $19.98 $17.99