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Bringing together three outstanding BBC productions, The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher provides a unique insight into the fascinating life of one of the most significant political figures in British history.The Long Walk to Finchley begins on the night Thatcher met her husband-to-be Denis. The film shows Margaret’s steely determination to get selected to a “winnable” Tory seat in the fifties and imagines what might have gone on behind-the-scenes during her ten-year struggle to gain a seat in Parliament. The Falkland’s Play portrays the backroom story of Thatcher’s war. A play that was once deemed too controversial to produce provides a gripping account of how Margaret Thatcher and her government faced one of biggest crises in foreign affairs. Finally, Margaret examines Thatcher’s last days in power. The film paints a detailed and compelling portrait of one of the most formidable characters in British politics. Showing at once her strengths and fatal flaws, the film ultimately reveals that the very aspects of her character that helped her secure power were also the ones that ensured her downfall.

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