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When Angel (William Smith) writes a story about the Devil's Advocates motorcycle gang, his luck changes. The good news is he sells the story to a magazine for $10,000. The bad news is he is a wanted man, now hunted by the biker gang. Angel and his girlfriend head for the northern California hills where ex-biker Dan Felton (Dan Kemp) gives the two a job on his ranch. When Dan's daughter Meg (Margaret Markov) unknowingly tells the bikers where the two are hiding, she is gang raped. Angel and his girlfriend try to stay one step ahead of the gang who would like nothing more than to send them to their great reward in this cycle drama.

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Special Features Introduction and comedy commentary with Joe Bob Briggs Original Run Angel Run trailers Guilty Pleasures trailers

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GPL0413 Run, Angel, Run DVD (1969/William Smith) $14.95