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A kickin'-it, livin'-it action mix! Martial arts moves and mayhem fuse with hip-hop sounds and style in two hard-charging adventures directed by Andrej Bartkowiak (Exit Wounds) and produced by Joel Silver (The Matrix). Dynamic one-man fighting force Jet Li makes his English-language starring debut in Romeo Must Die [Side A], taking on both sides of a violent Oakland turf war (with rapper DMX on one of those warring sides). Streets are mean, but Jet Li and DMX are meaner in Cradle 2 the Grave [Side B] as they join forces in a volatile conflict ignited by kidnapping, stolen black diamonds and a sadistic crimelord. Gonna be a wall 2 wall, start 2 finish, man 2 man rush of action that's 2 off the meter 2 resist. No coolin' this Jet!

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WA20444 Romeo Must Die/Cradle 2 the Grave DVD (1999/2003/Jet Li) $12.97 $11.99