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Famous Indian Scout Tex Houston does battle against swindlers and gunslingers to protect the lives of gold miner Tom Grant and his family. Saddled with a debt to crooked financier Bart Eaton, Tom escapes Plainsville, moves to Gold Creek, California, and works a land claim that makes him wealthy. Hearing the news of Grant's newfound success, Eaton follows Grant's sister Mary out to Gold Creek. The corrupt businessman plots to secure her hand in marriage so he can have access her brother's mining operation. Eaton teams up with outlaw Ace Daggett, who has his own plans for Tom's business. Tex must battle the two criminals' murderous schemes through fifteen death-defying chapters. A college football star who left a career as a professional athlete for Hollywood, Johnny Mack Brown found work as a leading man opposite starlets such as Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. His portrayal of Billy the Kid in the 1930 King Vidor western of the same name marked a change in direction for Brown, who would continue on for two decades as a successful cowboy star.

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ALP4951 Flaming Frontiers DVD (1938 serial/Johnny Mack Brown) $5.99