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Intrigue, plot twists and romantic jealousy drive this riveting World War I espionage thriller starring William Powell as a decoding expert assigned to office work instead of the combat role he longed to play. But there is no shortage of action as he becomes involved with a socialite (Rosalind Russell) whose uncle, the Assistant Secretary of War (Samuel S. Hinds), sends him into a world of German spies, a Russian mistress (Binnie Barnes) and betrayal at almost every turn. As he helps to orchestrate and decipher some of the most secret maneuvers in the war, it is not long before his own life is in danger. Authentic touches are no doubt supplied by the real-life head of the U.S. Secret Service, Herbert O. Yardley, on whose book, American Black Chamber, the film is based. Two familiar faces play uncredited cameos: the Marx Brothers’ renowned Margaret Dumont is Mrs. Hendricks and Mickey Rooney is the Country Boy.

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WA99338 Rendezvous DVD (1935/William Powell) $21.49