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Uncut! Uncensored! Unashamed! proclaimed these Hollywood Roadshowmen. They sold sex and sin, sugar frosted with salvation, the latter making it permissible to cater to the forbidden and frowned-upon appetites of middle America. All across our heartland one and two nights of naughty titillation were offered as exposÚs and insights. SEX AND BUTTERED POPCORN is an affectionate peek at an era of American motion picture-making which had its roots in the tanbark and tinsel of the traveling carnival and which flourished from the twenties through the fifties. The Films: " Forbidden Daughters," " The Road to Ruin," " Hollywood Script Girl," " Maniac," "They Wear No Clothes!," The March of Crime," " Polygamy," "Child Bride," "Forbidden Desire," " She Shoulda' Said No," "Back to Nature," "Dance Hall Racket," "Strip Tease Girl" and, of course," Mom and Dad" are some of the titles shown. Most have not been seen since their original release. The Interviews: David F. Friedman and Dan Sonney, two surviving itinerant showmen who traded on the prurient interest of the masses, plus Mildred Babb, the widow of exploitation kingpin, Kroger Babb. Show Host: Ned Beatty, acclaimed Oscar and Emmy nominated actor.

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Bonus Features: Vintage Shorts: Striptease Revealed with Lili St. Cyr and Tempest Storm, They Wear No Clothes and a genuine Square Up Reel, Vintage Trailers: Slaves in Bondage, Youth Aflame, Souls In Pawn, 3-Unit Show: Hoodlum Girls, Teenage Jungle, Secrets of a Model.

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