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Two Film Noirs for the price of one! In the first feature, THE LIMPING MAN (1953), ex-G.I. Bridges soon realizes his wartime girlfriend has become involved with racketeers but before he can untangle her mess, he gets in the middle of a police investigation to solve the murder of a victim killed by a mysterious "limping man," who is also a deadly sniper. 76 minutes/ B&W/ 1.33:1/ NR/ 1953 In the second part of our double-bill, THE SCAR (1948), when a crooked gambler (Henreid) seeks to hide from a rival mobster, he hatches a plot to take the place of a psychiatrist that he's a dead-ringer for. But it's not long before the good doctor's secretary (Joan Bennett) is on to his scheme. With a bonus TV episode titled Dark Stranger starring Edmond O'Brien and Joanne Woodward. 83 minutes/ B&W/ 1.33:1/ NR/ 1948

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Special Features Bonus Film Noir Trailers, Bonus Film Noir Poster Gallery, Bonus Film Noir TV Episode Dark Stranger starring Edmond O'Brien, Joanne Woodward.

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