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A falling corpse rudely interrupts the honeymoon plans of ace reporter Wally Williams and young country beauty, Alice. Not even a lovely bride awaiting him in the penthouse honeymoon suite can keep Wally from following a hot tip. His investigation soon leads him to a hotel room containing another corpse. Local hood, Sparrow McGraun, warns Wally that this is big stuff and involves the Guard America Movement, a mysterious foreign organization trying to undermine the government. Sparrow may be a crook, but his blood is red, white and blue. Wally tries to get home to his new bride, but the police interrupt the reunion - they want to know how Wally got his information. Unfortunately for Wally and Alice, the leader of the Guard America Movement, Louis Detmar, also wants to learn how Wally found out about them, and he isn't as nice as the cops. Wise-cracking Wallace Ford, who stars as Wally Williams, provides welcome humor in Roar of the Press, as he had in The Mysterious Mr. Wong, The Mummy's Hand and many other roles. Ford appeared in over 120 films from the 1930s through the 1950s. Lovely Jean Parker, who stars as Alice, is best known for her role as Beth in the 1933 classic, Little Women. She passed way in 2005.

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