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Bloodthirsty killers terrorize the citizens of a small town near the Mexican border. The gang and their sadistic leader, Sam Clayton, gun down local preacher, Father John, as he prepares for mass. When the drunken sheriff proves unwilling to tangle with Clayton's mob, the townsfolk have little hope for mercy. Just as Clayton begins to think that he has everyone and everything in town securely under his thumb, retribution arrives in the form of Father John's vengeful "ghost." Lee Van Cleef plays dual roles in this gritty and stylish entry into the spaghetti western canon. After rocketing to fame in Clint Eastwood's epic, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (1966), Van Cleef went on to become an international star. Jack Palance is best known for playing Alan Ladd's nemesis in Shane (1953) and for his Oscar-winning role in City Slickers (1991). Rounding out this ensemble of craggy-faced actors is Richard Boone, famous for his role as Paladin in the 1950's television western, "Have Gun, Will Travel."

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ALP5583 God's Gun DVD (1976/Lee Van Cleef/Richard Boone) $5.99