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Cattleman Jim Dawson is shot down by gunmen employed by his own half-brother, Jay Lynch. With a forged will, Lynch "inherits" his brother's ranch, some of the most valuable land in the county. But when he tries to take possession, Dawson's daughters, Betty and Sugar, refuse to be evicted from their home. The women have also hired tough-as-nails cowpoke Tom Sterling, who is more than capable of keeping Lynch's gun slingers at bay. It becomes evident, ownership of the Dawson ranch will not be decided in a court of law, but by blazing lead. Tom Keene made a career out of playing self-assured cowboys who relied more on their clever wits and cunning than on their fists and firearms. His handsome smile and rugged physique garnered him legions of loyal fans. One unusual feature of this modestly-budgeted Monogram production is that there is not a single interior shot.

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ALP6450 Riding the Sunset Trail DVD (1941/Tom Keene) $5.99