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School for Scoundrels is a satirical British "how to" piece very much in the same vein as Hollywood's How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Ian Carmichael plays a na´ve young loser, Henry Palfrey, who is anxious to get ahead in the world. He enrolls in a "school" that specializes in teaching one-upmanship -- the slogan is "How to win without actually cheating." Through fair means and foul, Henry learns how to come out top dog in any situation, with such experts as Stephen Potter (Alastair Sim) and Raymond Delauney (Terry-Thomas) as his guides. A perceptive series of comic blackouts exposing the essential hypocrisy in all walks of life, School for Scoundrels was based on the book by Stephen Potter.

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LGE21078 School For Scoundrels DVD (1960/Terry-Thomas/Alastair Sim) $9.98