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Messiah of Evil (1973, Color): 100 years ago, a demonic priest from Hell passed through a seaside town, carrying a blood-crazed contagion that reduced all the good citizens to mindless, cannibal zombies. Following a frenzied, flesh-eating orgy, the dark priest walked straight into the sea, promising to return a century later to lead a new zombie apocalypse. This time around, the vile contagion precedes him. As spaced-out followers gather on the beach, awaiting their master's return, the town is already in the grip of a carnivorous epidemic of madness. When innocent young Arletty comes to town searching for her missing father, she realizes too late that the demon priest of the "blood moon" is coming for her. Starring Mariana Hill, Elisha Cook Jr., Joy Bang, Royal Dano; Directed by Williard Huyck. Sisters of Death (1977, Color): A secret sorority stages mock executions during their initiation ceremonies, but when someone slips a live round into the ritual revolver, a pretty girl's brains are blown out. Seven years later, the surviving sisters have been cleared of the killing and have returned to normal life, when they are invited to a reunion. Driven to a remote desert villa surrounded by an electric fence, the girls become prisoners of the dead girl's psychotic, grief-crazed father - a madman intent on revenge. Terror reigns supreme as the beautiful corpses begin to pile up. Starring Claudia Jennings, Arthur Franz, Joe Tata, Paul Carr, Sherry Boucher; Directed by Joseph Mazzuca.

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