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In the first feature, SISTERS OF DEATH, Six lovely high school girls are involved in initiation ceremonies for their exclusive society, The Sisters. A shot from a presumably harmless pistol - part of the ritual - kills Elizabeth. Seven years later each of the remaining Sisters receive identical letters inviting them to a reunion. Who is their host, or hostess? The only way to find out is to meet at the appointed rendezvous - an isolated, but lavish estate. ...With nightfall a reign of terror and madness begins as Elizabeth\'s death is revenged. The second feature, SCREAM BLOODY MURDER, tells the story of a demented child who causes his father\'s death and spends 19 years in a mental institution. They think he\'s cured. But when he comes home and sees his mother with her new husband, something snaps. He kills them both as he tries to kill the recurring visions haunting him. Spare the rod... The First Motion Picture To Be Called Gorenography.

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UE7614 Scream Bloody Murder/Sisters of Death DVD (1972 (Fred Holbert)/1978 (Claudia Jennings) $9.99