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A mysterious drifter attempts to get a stolen bag of cash back from a murderous psychopath and escape a dusty ghost town that's teeming with outlaws. Darwin is a decaying mining town in the middle of nowhere. It's the last place you'd want your car to break down, but that's exactly what happens to desperate getaway driver Chooch O'Grady. When J.T. comes along, Chooch assumes he's been saved, but he's dead wrong. Savagely murdering Chooch and pocketing the cash, J.T. hides the body and as a result incurs the wrath of his boss Archie, a hothead meth addict. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Archie, his girlfriend, Rebecca O'Grady, is having an affair with J.T. When a stranger shows up in Darwin looking for the money, the tensions around town really start to heat up.

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