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Take a trip to the wrong side of Sodom in this double feature that dares to tell two of the most unusual stories ever told! Its celebration of celluloid trash that is Uncut! Uncensored! and Unashamed! TOMORROW'S CHILDREN (1934) The most daring, sensational drama ever filmed about a daring hush-hush subject! Find out exactly what the subject is... but don't say you weren't warned! Sterling Holloway steals the show. THE STORY OF DE 733 (aka The Ship of Shame) (1942) Every sailor in boot camp learns that the 13 buttons on their bell bottom trousers are 13 chances to say No. However, come shore leave the crew on this ship ignores that advice. Not only is there a long line at sick bay, but the ship itself runs into peril! Stars Keefe Braselle.

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Bonus Features: Motion Menu, Bonus Vintage shorts: Spectacle Underwater, Stars of Burlesque and J. Carrol Naish in Know for Sure!, Exploitation Advertising Gallery.

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UEKPF513 Sex & Buttered Popcorn ease, Sleaze and Social Disease DVD (1934/42) $9.99