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South Of Santa Fe (1942, B&W): Gold mine owner Carol Stevens needs money to keep her operation open. Roy Rogers suggests that they invite a group of wealthy businessmen to be guests of honor at the upcoming jamboree. Roy's idea is for Carol to give her business pitch to the city-slickers while treating them to an authentic Wild West experience. All goes smoothly until gangsters kidnap the rich Easterners and use doctored film footage to frame Roy for the crime. Starring Roy Rogers, George "Gabby" Hayes, Linda Hayes; Directed by Joseph Kane. In Old Cheyenne (1941, B&W): Steve Blane, a reporter working for a New York paper, returns to his roots when he is assigned to investigate a range war near his old hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The townsfolk say that an outlaw band, run by ruthless and mysterious Arapahoe Brown, is behind all the recent trouble. Blane teams up with the local gazette editor to uncover the shocking truth about the elusive criminal. Starring Roy Rogers, George "Gabby" Hayes, Joan Woodbury; Directed by Joseph Kane.

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