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Wonder Horse Meets Wonder Dog in this exciting 12-chapter serial adventure! Rex, a majestic black stallion revered as a deity on the exotic island of Sujan, is kidnapped and spirited off to America by a crooked rancher who wants to auction him off to the highest bidder. After escaping into the wild, Rex meets Rin Tin Tin, who helps the horse evade recapture as rival factions search for him. Rin Tin Tin, Jr. carries on the legend established by his father, the undisputed king of cinema canines. The Rin Tin Tin dynasty began in the silent film era and expanded into radio in the 1930s and television in the 1950s. Rex, the Wonder Horse, made his film debut in The King of the Wild Horses with Yakima Canutt in 1924, and graduated to sound features and serials in the 1930s. Rex's memorable on-screen battle with a wild steed in The Devil Horse (1926) was re- used in the 1937 Republic serial, The Painted Stallion.

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ALP5377 Rin Tin Tin - Adventures of Rex and Rinty DVD (1935) $5.99