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Former World War flying ace Robert Dayton, head of Sky Raiders Incorporated, has created a revolutionary pursuit plane that is set to be put into production by the United States government. Ruthless international spy Felix Lynx wants to steal the prototype in order to sell it to a foreign government, and will stop at nothing to carry out his sinister scheme. With pragmatic partner Ed Carey and beautiful secretary Mary Blake, Dayton dodges doom and disaster through twelve death-defying chapters. Sky Raiders features prolific character actor Robert Armstrong (of King Kong fame) in the role of Ed Carey. Billy Halop, famous as a member of the original Dead End Kids, plays Air Youth member Tim Bryant. Renowned screen villian Eduardo Ciannelli, who plays Felix Lynx, is best remembered for his diabolical roles in Mysterious Dr. Satan, The Mummy's Hand, Foreign Correspondent, Seven Keys to Baldpate, and dozens of others.

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ALP4526 Sky Raiders DVD (1941 serial/Donald Woods) $5.99