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A youthful indiscretion threatens to derail the relationship between an otherwise predictable young woman and her nice-guy fiancÚ in director Bob Goldthwait's revealing look at the high price of honesty in committed relationships. To the unassuming eye, Amy is a normal young woman with a bright future and a fabulous fiancÚ, but when Amy's probing husband-to-be suggests that the both parties come clean about their pasts before exchanging rings, the revelation that follows may be more than he's able to handle. Encouraged by her co-worker and mother to speak her peace and put the sexual secret of her past to bed once and for all, Amy's admission to having once participated in an uncharacteristically impulsive sexual encounter throws her wedding plans into chaos and her entire future into question.

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FLP11754 Sleeping Dogs Lie DVD (2005/Melinda Page Hamilton) $9.98