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A priceless necklace, the Czarina's Tears, is stolen in a daring robbery. The Continental Insurance Company hires debonair detective Barry Drake to get it back. The crooks flee to hillbilly territory with Drake in hot pursuit. Also on the trail is a pretty insurance agent and a police lieutenant, both of whom suspect that Drake is the thief. A wild Appalachian shootout between Drake, the crooks, the police and the hillbillies leaves everyone wondering where the jewels are hidden. Director Gus Meins is best remembered for his work on Hal Roach's Our Gang comedy series as well as the Laurel and Hardy classic Babes In Toyland (1936). Canadian actor Donald Woods' career stretched over six decades including roles in A Tale Of Two Cities (1935), Watch On The Rhine (1943), The Bridge Of San Luis Rey (1945) and The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953).

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ALP5827 Romance on the Run DVD (1938/Donald Woods) $5.99