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Retired Federal Marshal Buck Roberts (Buck Jones) receives a telegram from Sheriff Bat Masterson asking for help. A small stage line is having problems getting gold shipments out of Mesa City and Buck is needed to catch the hombres responsible for the holdups. Mesa City is a tough town with Steve Taggart, the shady operator of the town tavern, in control. Surrounded by his gang of henchmen, he's about to take over the stage line so he can continue to steal shipments any time he wishes. Buck Roberts arrives in Mesa City and is joined by his old pals Roberts (Raymond Hatton) and Tim McCall (Tim McCoy) and The Rough Riders ride again-this time hoping to put the gang of thieving highwaymen out of business. Buck Jones, one of the best loved cowboy stars, came from a background of Wild West shows and circus performances before beginning a successful career in Hollywood westerns. His career came to a tragic end when he died in the famous Coconut Grove Nightclub fire in Boston in 1942. Tim McCoy, also a popular star of early Westerns left Hollywood in 1935 to tour with the Ringling Brothers Circus and then with his own Wild West show. Five years later he was back in Western films when he was teamed up with Buck Jones and Raymond Hatton for the popular Rough Riders series of the early 1940s.

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ALP4561 Rough Riders: Arizona Bound DVD (1941/Buck Jones/Tim McCoy) $5.99