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On a mission to find the killer of fellow U.S. marshal Ted Gordon, the Rough Riders are sent to Border City. On a road into town, a stagecoach carrying Rosita Garcia is held up and her valuable family jewels are stolen. When the trio of Marshals meet up in Border City, they discover that Gordon's murder and the Garcia jewel heist are connected and that the outlaws are holed-up somewhere south of the border. Suspecting that someone on the Garcia ranch is aiding the murderous criminals, the Rough Riders are drawn into a deadly showdown. The Rough Riders starred in eight films between 1941 and 1942. With the onset of WWII, Tim McCoy returned to active military duty, leaving Buck Jones and Raymond Hatton to appear as a duo in what could be considered the final Rough Riders film (Dawn On The Great Divide, 1942). Jones was tragically killed as a result of the great Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire in 1942 that took the lives of nearly 500 people - forever ending the Rough Rider saga.

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ALP5270 Rough Riders: Below the Border DVD (1942/Buck Jones/Tim McCoy) $5.99