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Buck Roberts (Buck Jones) and his Rough Riders are sent to lead a wagon train of settlers and railroad supplies through dangerous Indian territory. While Buck and Sandy (Raymond Hatton) head out, Rough Rider Jack Carson (Rex Bell) discovers that there's something not right about the supposed Indian attacks that have been plaguing the trail. Carson makes his way to Beaver Lake to investigate the matter, where he finds a town firmly under the thumb of corrupt businessman Jim Corkle and his thugs, who are staging the murderous attacks to scare off commerce. Dawn on the Great Divide marks the final film in the Rough Riders series. Shortly before its release, Buck Jones died in a fire at the Cocoanut Grove nightclub. The previous year Tim McCoy, who played Marshal Tim McCall in the previous eight Rough Riders films, was called up to active military duty. For Dawn on the Great Divide, McCoy was replaced by Rex Bell in the role of Jack Carson.

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