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A gang of silk smugglers has infiltrated Dorothy White's ranch, and are using her nephew's carrier pigeons to deliver coded messages. Despite this seemingly foolproof setup, the shadowy culprits have attracted the attention of the Texas Rangers, who send their best man, Corporal Daniels, to investigate. Calling himself The Kid from Tombstone, Daniels uses his sharp-shooting prowess to convince the outlaws to hire him. As he closes in on the secret of the criminal enterprise, his true identity as a Ranger is discovered. With the silk mob now determined to eliminate "The Kid" before he destroys their operation, Daniels prepares for a final deadly showdown. A common face if not a well-known name, Rex Lease only starred in six westerns, all of them produced for Superior in 1935. Formerly a leading man during the silent era, Lease would continue to play supporting roles in westerns and serials.

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ALP5597 Rough Riding DVD (1935/Rex Lease) $5.99