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Cowboy Jim Langley and his pal Scrubby ride south to visit Scrubby's sister, Ethyle, who lives on an isolated ranch with her abusive husband, Jake Horne, and her infant son. When the weary travelers arrive, they find Ethyle murdered and the baby abandoned. Sure that Jake is the killer, Jim sets out to bring him to justice. But the tables are turned when Jake frames Jim and Scrubby for the killing. Now on the run from the law and with a hungry infant to protect, the two innocent fugitives struggle to clear their names and avenge the death of Scrubby's beloved sister. As an actor, Kermit Maynard performed in over 300 films and television shows from 1927 to 1962, mostly on horseback. As a stuntman, he appeared in over a hundred more. Despite this achievement, he never quite rose to the standing of his cowboy star brother, Ken Maynard.

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ALP5825 Rough Riding Rhythm DVD (1937/Kermit Maynard) $5.99