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Set in Manhattan just as the "dot-com" boom went bust, Francis Hsueh and Stave Hahn's romantic drama follows the story of Stanford graduate Hannah Shah as she loses her job at a major investment firm and becomes locked in a desperate love triangle. Hannah had just received her pink slip when she first met successful corporate lawyer Jiwon Kim. It didn't take long for romance to blossom between the pair, and the idea of a financially secure future was pretty comforting for the girl with no present career prospects. Hanna's situation is soon complicated, however, with the sudden and unexpected reappearance of Alex Yuen. Growing up in New York's Chinatown together, Alex and Hannah were inseparable. But a rift formed between the pair when Alex developed a dangerous gambling habit and went to work as a boy hustler. These days Alex has cleaned up his act; he's working as a youth pastor in the Bronx and gradually rebuilding his life. The mere appearance of Alex is enough to stir up memories that Hannah had long since forgotten, and now she will be forced to make the most difficult decision of her entire life.

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