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Born in Kansas on May 31, 1905, Reb Russell ranks as one of the greatest collegiate football stars ever produced by the state. Film star Tom Mix became friends with Reb, securing him a screen test at Universal. Reb then signed to Kent Pictures where he starred in nine low-budget western "classics." The Cheyenne Tornado (B&W, 1935): A wealthy cattleman is gunned down in cold blood, igniting a savage range war between sheep and cattle ranchers. Seth Darnell, owner of the Box D Ranch, blames the sheep ranchers for the murder and means to drive them out by force. The Cheyenne Kid believes the herders are innocent, and is determined to find the real killer, before more lives are lost. Starring Reb Russell, Edmund Cobb, Tina Menard, Ed Porter and Rebel; Directed by William O'Conner. Border Vengeance (B&W, 1935): John Preston is murdered by cattle rustlers. Flash Purdue claims to have witnessed the killing and falsely accuses the Benson family, who are forced to flee the territory. Benson's son, The Muley Kid calls Flash a liar, and in the ensuing gunfight, blows off the top of Purdue's ear. The Kid rides off, vowing to return one day and clear his family's name. Starring Reb Russell, Mary Jane Carey, Kenneth MacDonald, June Brewster and Rebel; Directed by Ray R. Heinz.

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