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Mud And Sand (1923) with Stan Laurel: Stan is Rhubarb Vaseline in this parody of Rudolph Valentino's hit Blood and Sand. In old Madrid, it's all a lot of bull as Vaseline triumphs in the bullring and wins the hand of his beloved - the delicious Caramel.

Oranges And Lemons (1923) with Stan Laurel, Katherine Grand: This comedy's no lemon, as fruit packer Stan makes his quota in sunny California and still has time to pack a lot of love in for his girl, Katherine Grand. Laurel's skill in physical comedy shines in this gem.

West Of Hot Dog (1924) with Stan Laurel: After a stage holdup on the way to the town of Hot Dog, tenderfoot Stan must prove himself brave to win his sweetheart. The most "Keaton-esque" of Stan's solo comedies.

Bromo And Juliet (1926) with Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy: Charley puts on a play as a fundraiser, but must keep an eye on his inebriated dad. Ollie is a cab driver trying to collect his fare from Charley, and together they turn the Bard's tragedy into comedy!

Crazy Like A Fox (1926) with Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy: To avoid an arranged marriage, Charley pretends to be insane. Hardy (with white hair!) is a passer-by who gets the first dose of his lunacy!

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