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Shanty Tramp (B&W, 1967): It's a steamy Okefenokee evening and young sex tart Emily Holland is on the prowl. A traveling evangelist makes a play for her but she has her eyes on Daniel, a strong young black man in the congregation. At the local dive bar she throws herself at a motorcycle gang leader who refuses to pay for her affections and takes her by force. Daniel bursts in and beats the punk senseless. Later that evening, she forces Daniel to have sex with her. When her drunken father stumbles in and catches Emily with a black man, she cries that she has been raped! The father runs to the prayer meeting with his tale of sin and the town's menfolk grab their guns and head off for a lynching. Before the night is through, the tiny backwoods town will explode with gruesome murder! Called a template for the exploitation genre of filmaking which would later come to flourish, 1967's Shanty Tramp brims with sleaze and quite a few minutes of Lee Holland's naked attributes. Common Law Wife (B&W, 1963): Old Texas oilman Shugfoot Rainey is bored with Linda, his live-in girlfriend of 5 years, and sends for his hot young stripper niece, Jonelle, to replace her. Advised by a lawyer that she is Shugfoot's common law wife, Linda draws an Alamo-like defensive perimeter around "her house" and will not be moved. Forced to seek accommodations elsewhere, Jonelle knows how to use her body to get things done, and sets off on a sexual rampage across the small town. Determined to displace Linda and inherit her uncle's millions, she a sets a scheme in motion that will result in catastrophe! With little or no budget and a cast of characters who are each more morally repugnant than the next, Common Law Wife stars Lacey Kelly, a real stripper in the full-bloom of her allure.

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