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The haunted house thriller Spooks Run Wild brings together horror legend Bela Lugosi and the unique comedy of the East Side Kids. City denizens, the East Side Kids, are sent to a summer camp in the country against their will. On their way, they learn about a monster killer that's loose in the area. While passing through a cemetery late at night, Pee Wee is shot. Seeking help, they arrive at the castle of the sinister Nardo (Lugosi) and his dwarf henchman (Angelo Rossitto). The boys are convinced that Nardo is the vampire-at-large. With the help of famed "monster hunter" Von Grosch (Dennis Moore) and young attorney Jeff Dixon (Dave O'Brien), the fearless kids joke and smart aleck their way to trapping the killer. The East Side Kids provide lots of laughs while Lugosi gives a humorous performance that is also respectful of his Count Dracula persona.

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ALP4006 Spooks Run Wild DVD (1941/Bowery Boys) $5.99