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Produced in Europe for American audiences, the "Sherlock Holmes" 1954 TV series captures the essence of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's characters and themes. Ronald Howard (son of film star Leslie Howard) stars as the intensely analytical Holmes, aided by Dr. Watson (H. Marion Crawford) and antagonized by the Inspector Lestrade (Archie Duncan). The Case Of The Vanished Detective: Sherlock Holmes has disappeared and Watson turns to Scotland Yard's Inspector LaStrade for help. Tracking Holmes' trail to a small curiosity shop, the pair learn that the vanishing act may be linked to an escaped convict on the loose in London. The Case Of The Imposter Mystery: Irate over a robbery of his family's precious jewels, Sir Arthur Treadley accuses Sherlock Holmes of giving him bad advice during a consultation. However, the detective was out of town when the advice was supposedly given. The Case Of The Haunted Gainsborough: Malcolm MacGregan wants to sell his family's castle, but claims a ghost is scaring off potential buyers. Holmes and Watson take the case in an attempt to explain the unearthly occurrences, and come face to face with apparently supernatural forces. The Case Of The Laughing Mummy: Holmes is intrigued by one of Watson's old school chums who claims to have an ancient Egyptian mummy that actually laughs. The detectives sideline a fishing trip to investigate and find a house full of suspicious family members that may hold the clue to solving the mystery.

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