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Dana Delany makes a vivaciously prickly return to television in this entertaining medical whodunit, which finds its groove after a fairly shaky start. Creator Christopher Murphey's premise draws inspiration from both Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta novels and the origin of Marvel comics' Dr. Strange: after injuring her hands in a car accident, an arrogant former neurosurgeon named Megan Hunt must adapt to a new life as a medical examiner in Philadelphia. As Hunt applies her knowledge to a steady stream of unsolved murders, her unconventional methods put her at odds with the police (John Carroll Lynch and The Wire's Sonja Sohn) as well as her lab mates (including Jeri Ryan and Geoffrey Arend, who gets to meet cute with real-life wife Christina Hendricks in one episode.) Although the first few episodes struggle to balance Hunt's caustic bluntness with the character's more endearing qualities, Delany's innate likability soon comes to the fore, developing a strong female character whose ferocious smarts sometimes serve as a stumbling block. Once the characterizations fall into place, Body of Proof offers up a dependably enjoyable procedural: a lower-key take on CSI's trademark wild demises (well, except for the one poor sod who ends up having body parts scattered all over the city, that is) combined with an unusual amount of respect for the cadavers. Even when the effects are at their gooshiest, Delany and Co. do their part to convey the tragedy that makes their job necessary. Extras include the by-now-standard blooper reel, a look at the show's costume designer, and a behind-the-scenes featurette that suggests the cast and crew now have a firm handle on what makes their central character abrasively tick.

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