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Jack London is a rugged young aspiring writer determined to lift himself out of poverty by any means necessary. Dissatisfied with working conditions at a canning company, London enlists in a string of adventurous jobs, from oyster pirating to seal-hunting on the Bering Sea and searching for Yukon gold. Mercilessly bullied for his bookishness, and surviving intolerable living conditions, London's spirit, strength and determination allow him to triumph over man and nature, while every night he writes about the poverty and brutality he witnesses. After a successful publishing deal with The Call of the Wild makes him famous, London falls in love with the beautiful Charmain Kittredge, but his insatiable drive for adventure forces him to choose between marriage and kids and an opportunity to travel the world as a war reporter. A compelling biography and moving tribute to the great American author Jack London who finds his literary voice through the struggles of everyman.

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ALP4626 Jack London DVD (1943/Susan Hayward) $5.99