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A skyscraper and an all-star cast go up in flames in Irwin Allen's classic disaster movie. To celebrate the construction of the Glass Tower, the world's tallest building, architect Doug Roberts (Paul Newman) and builder James Duncan (William Holden) hold a gala bash on the highest floors. Trouble is, Duncan's son-in-law and electrical subcontractor Roger Simmons (Richard Chamberlain) installed faulty wiring throughout the 138-story behemoth to save money. While the guests -- including Doug's lady friend (Faye Dunaway), a rich widow (Jennifer Jones), a con man (Fred Astaire), and a politico (Robert Vaughn) -- enjoy the party, and a security guard (O.J. Simpson) wonders why his equipment is on the fritz, a burnt-out circuit breaker ignites some garbage on the 85th floor, swiftly turning the high-rise into, well, a towering inferno. With the guests trapped on the 135th floor, it's up to Roberts and Fire Chief O'Hallorhan (Steve McQueen) to find a way to stop the blaze. Though not the first all-star '70s disaster movie (1970's Airport and 1972's The Poseidon Adventure preceded it), The Towering Inferno was the most popular and the most spectacular.

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Special Features Audio Commentary by Film Historian F.X. Feeney Scene-Specific Commentary by Mike Vézina, Special Effects Director on X-Men: The Last Stand, And Branko Racki, Stunt Coordinator: Montreal On The Day After Tomorrow Over 30 Extended/Deleted Scenes Inside The Tower: We Remember/Innovating Tower: The SPX of An Inferno The Art of Towering Irwin Allen: The Great Producer Directing The Inferno Putting Out Fire Running On Fire Still The World's Tallest Building The Writer: Stirling Silliphant AMC Backstory: The Towering Inferno Storyboard-To-Film Comparisons NATO Presentation Reel Original "Making-Of" Featurettes 1977 Irwin Allen Interview Original Teaser, Trailer and The Poseidon Adventure Trailer 3 Interactive Articles From American Cinematographer Still Galleries (Shot Compositions, Publicity, Behind-The-Scenes, Conceptual Sketches, Costumes)

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