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Night At Lark Cottage (1955): When her convict husband escapes from prison, a woman fears she may be targeted for death. Starring Charles Boyer, Beverly Garland, John Doucette; Directed by Robert Florey. A Note Of Fear (1955): A death-row inmate sends a hit man to execute his wife at the moment he is to face the electric chair. Starring David Niven, Jan Sterling, Lawrence Dobkin , Christopher Dark; Directed by Harry Keller. Broken Journey (1955): A notorious safe-cracker concocts an elaborate scheme to escape from the holding cell while he awaits arraignment. Starring David Niven, Don Haggerty; Directed by William A. Seiter. Tunnel Of Fear (1956): A wheelchair-bound British Lord finds himself captive in a train compartment with an armed man who intends to kill him. Starring Sir Cedric Hardwicke, David Niven, Walter Kingsford; Directed by Roy Kellino.

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ALP6752 Tales of the Big House DVD: (Night at Lark Cottage / A Note of Fear / Broken Journey / Tunnel of Fear) $5.99