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Violence and fear have paralyzed the city. Dick Lawrence, reporter for the Daily Press, is determined to find out who is behind the corruption, despite the concerns of his girlfriend and the backstabbing efforts of his own editor. Lawrence suspects that the newly elected head of the Reform League, Roger Renfrew, is controlled by gangsters. He also believes that an unscrupulous rival newspaper had a hand in Renfrew's election. Mobsters threaten Lawrence at every turn as he uncovers the truth, which proves even more shocking than he could have possibly realized. Richard Talmadge displays an ease with stunt work that is not surprising, given that he first came to the United States as a member of an acrobatic troupe employed by Barnum and Bailey Circus. He began working in film during the silent era, initially appearing as a stunt double for Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. With the advent of sound in motion pictures, Talmadge worked frequently behind the camera as a stunt coordinator and assistant director until the late 1950s.

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ALP4963 Speed Reporter DVD (1936/Richard Talmadge) $5.99