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A bloodcurdling scream splits the night, sending the neighborhood's residents to their windows in terror. A gruesome scene awaits them - the lifeless body of a millionaire sprawled on the pavement. Reporter Ted Rand (Lyle Talbot) arrives to investigate the mysterious death, only to find his chief rival, Pat Morgan (Ginger Rogers), already on the scene. While the two battle to break the story, three subsequent murders follow, and the police and newspapers alike are unable to uncover the killer in their midst. When Morgan receives a threatening message, the manhunt is redoubled, taking the police and Rand on a frenzied race to save Pat's life and root out the murderer. A Shriek in the Night reunites Talbot and Rogers after their work together in The Thirteenth Guest. A breathless and suspenseful thriller, it stands as a shining example of the ingenuity and finesse of which "poverty-row" director Albert Ray was capable.

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ALP4214 Shriek in the Night DVD (1933/Ginger Rogers) $5.99