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Wealthy steel magnate John Chadburne wants his infant son Phillip to live a "normal" life, so he arranges for the child to be raised as an orphan by the blue-collar Mason family. Years later, college graduate Phil applies for a job at the Chadburne Steel Works, and is hired as a lowly shop assistant. John plans to tell his son the truth about his identity after Phil holds he job for a year, earning his birthright through hard work and self reliance. With dreams of becoming a draftsman, Phil grows disenchanted with his life as a poor laborer. Frustrated and angry, he becomes a union agitator, a decision that threatens both the business and Chadburne's well-laid plans. Known best for his onscreen portrayal of "The Durango Kid," Charles Starrett was a major western star in the 1940s. Off screen, Starrett's legacy in the business will be forever tied to the major role he played in organizing the Screen Actor's Guild.

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ALP5417 Sons of Steel DVD (1934/Charles Starrett) $5.99