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Alan Hale, Jr. ("Gilligan's Island") is Biff Baker, an American entrepreneur who travels the world with his wife, Louise (Randy Stuart, Incredible Shrinking Man). They search for items to import back to the States, but manage to get themselves knee-deep in espionage in every episode. Whether it's uncovering intrigue in Cairo or taking on the seedy underworld of France, the pair find excitement and danger around every corner. Blue Mosque: Biff and Louise travel to Egypt to investigate the disappearance of a truck. As they get closer to finding the thieves, the pair uncovers a secret organization with plans to overthrow the government. Counterfeit Plates: While exploring the Swiss Alps, Biff and Louise discover a cave once used as a Nazi counterfeiting center. Crash Landing: An American fighter pilot crashes behind the Iron Curtain. With their every move watched by the Secret Police, Biff and Louise must find a way to smuggle the pilot out of communist territory. Grey Market: In Marseilles, desperate immigrants turn to the black market, where stolen goods are traded for cash. Biff catches one of these thieves red-handed and uses him to track down the head of the underground trade ring.

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ALP4893 Biff Baker Vol. 1 DVD (1952/Alan Hale) $5.99