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Six AM: thatís when society vamp Valerie Parks rolls home after a glamorous night out. Six AM: thatís when Pvt. Valerie Parks gets up to hut two three four in olive drab and sensible shoes. Lana Turner stars in a breezy comedy about an heiress who must prove her maturity to gain her inheritance, so she hatches an immature plan: join the WACs, fake some gravitas and quit as soon as she gets her manicured hands on the dough. Happily, Uncle Sam and World War II combine to help a spoiled little rich girl grow up. Co-starring a platoon of bright Hollywood femmes, Keep Your Powder Dry is as snappy as a recruitís salute but its comedy is tinged with heartbreak. After all, there was a war on Ė and war has consequences.

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WAA25792 Keep Your Powder Dry DVD (1945/Lana Turner) $19.99