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The Silent Code (1935, B&W): The Northwest Mounted Police send Corporal Jerry Hale to investigate criminal corruption in a remote Canadian district. Hale has established a close relationship with the locals, especially beautiful Helen Brent, who works at the trading post partly owned by her prospector father, Nathan Brent. When Nathan announces that he's found a fortune in gold, his partner at the trading post, Peter Barkley, kills him and steals the treasure, framing Corporal Hale for the murder. Now under arrest, Hale's only hope of exonerating himself rests with Helen, who struggles to believe in the Mountie she thought she knew. Starring Kane Richmond, Blanche Mehaffey, J. P. McGowan; Directed by Stuart Paton. Man's Best Friend (1935, B&W): Young Jed Strong has only one friend in the world - his faithful dog, Lightning. Jed's father, John, a bitter and abusive old farmer, makes no secret of his contempt for the "mangy cur," constantly threatening to kill him. Lightning has sired a brood of puppies in the wild, and when a marauding bear attacks the pack in their mountain den, Lightning leads Jed to the scene. The boy rescues the pups and takes them home, but John refuses to allow them to stay, setting the stage for a violent confrontation between Jed and his shotgun-toting father. Starring Douglas Haig, Frank Brownlee, Patricia Chapman, Lightning the Wonder Dog; Directed by Edward A. Kull and Thomas Storey.

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