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Tales of Tomorrow is really the forerunner of so many popular science fiction programs that dominated sci fi's "golden age" during the late 50's thru the 60's. The ideas for series like "One Step Beyond," "Twilight Zone," and "Outer Limits" can trace their ideological and creative roots back to this series. For example, one episode, "What You Need" was also picked up by Rod Serling as a story idea. Even John Newland, host of "One Step Beyond," plays a protagonist in one of the less memorable and weaker episodes. While it is easy to be put off by the flubs in dialogue or the flimsy and cheap sets, the series is fun to watch while the story ideas remain different, imaginative, and creative. The episodes have been restored and remastered as best as possible by Wade Williams Productions. Wade Williams and his production team was responsible for restoring such greats as "Rocketship XM" and "Destination Moon" back in the mid-80's, often finding and restoring lost (in some cases replicating long shots with extras) or damaged footage from the original print. The 13 episodes here are restored with their original commercials for Kreisler watch bands in their appropriate commerical breaks, and watching the epsidoes in their original and intended format is a fascinating glimpse into television history.

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