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Pioneering sci-fi TV series TALES OF TOMORROW aired 85 episodes between 8/3/51 and 9/13/53 on the ABC-TV network. These half-hour stories often featured many famous Hollywood stars (like Thomas Mitchell and Gene Lockhart) as well as some just beginning to make a name for themselves (Leslie Nielsen, James Doohan). Special effects, props and scenery are minimal, yet this space-themed forerunner of TWILIGHT ZONE, THE OUTER LIMITS (and so many others) has a charm all its own. The dozen chapters on collection #2 are all from season #1. Also available is TALES OF TOMORROW, COLLECTION 3 which contains 14 season two shows. CONTENTS include titles, original airdates and principal actors. DISC ONE-- The Dark Angel (9/28/51) - Sidney Blackmer/Meg Mundy/Donald Briggs/Mel Ruick The Crystal Egg (10/12/51) - Thomas Mitchell/Edgar Stehli/Josephine Brown/Sally Gracie/Gage Clark The Search for the Flying Saucer (11/9/51) - Maurice Manson/Olive Deering/Vaughan Taylor The Invader (12/21/51) - Eva Gabor/Edgar Stehli/William Eythe/Salem Ludwig/Farrell Pelly The Dune Roller (1/4/52) - Bruce Cabot/Nancy Coleman/Nelson Olmstead/Lee Graham/Truman Smith/Virginia Gilmore The Children's Room (2/29/52) - Una O'Connor/Lisa Ayers/Terry Greene/Clare Luce/Charles Kenny/Grant Roberts DISC TWO-- Plague From Space (4/25/52) - Gene Raymond/James Doohan/Phillip Pine/Harry Landers/Alex Alexander Red Dust (5/2/52) - Lex Barker/Fred Stewart/Robert Patten/Skedge Miller The Golden Ingot (5/9/52) - Gene Lockhart/Monica Lovett/David McKay/Theo Goetz Appointment on Mars (6/27/52) - Leslie Nielsen/Brian Keith/William Redfield The Duplicates (7/4/52) - Darren McGavin/Patricia Ferris/Alexander Lockwood/Cameron Prud'Homme Ahead of His Time (7/18/52) - Paul Tripp/Ruth Enders/Theo Goetz/Joy Hathaway/Arthur Tell

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