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Trappers intrude into the Ape-Man’s domain, poaching for profit and capturing Cheta and Boy. Other interlopers seek to plunder the riches of the lost city of Zarbo, and if that means ensnaring Tarzan in a net – so be it! Yet no one can ensnare the loin-clothed jungle hero long…. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ vine-swinging Lord of the Apes (Gordon Scott) is mightily busy in Tarzan and the Trappers and for good reason: the film is an edited version of three episodes intended for a TV series. The series never came to fruition, but fortunately for fans of Tarzan, this event-packed film did, complete with a Jane (Eve Brent) and a turn by Sherman “Scatman” Crothers as Tarzan’s friend Tyana.

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WAA179861 Tarzan And The Trappers DVD (1958/Gordon Scott) $19.95