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THE TARZAN COLLECTION STARRING LEX BARKER Faced with the task of donning the Tarzan mantle after Johnny Weissmuller stepped down, Lex Barker bore it well. No longer overshadowed by Weissmuller, Barker's Tarzan films are ready to swing their way to a much deserved rediscovery. TARZANíS MAGIC FOUNTAIN (1949) In the first of his Tarzan films, Barker must keep greedy outsiders from discovering a magical Fountain of Youth. TARZAN AND THE SLAVE GIRL (1950) A vanishing tribe seeks to repopulate its numbers by kidnapping women- among those kidnapped: Tarzanís Jane! TARZANíS PERIL (1951) The arrival of gunrunners in the jungle can mean only one thing for Tarzan: trouble, and plenty of it! TARZANíS SAVAGE FURY (1952) English jewel thieves dupe Tarzan into being their guide. TARZAN AND THE SHE-DEVIL (1953) In his final Tarzan film, Barker must rely on his elephant friends to battle ivory hunters that enslave tribesmen.

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WAA253350 Tarzan DVD Collection Starring Lex Barker (Tarzan's Magic Fountain / Tarzan and the Slave Girl / Tarzan's Peril / Tarzan's Savage Fury / Tarzan and the She-Devil) $53.99