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Living under the threat of an atomic holocaust, a group of scientists build the Cyclotram, a vehicle capable of drilling to the center of the earth. Dr. Jeremiah Morley and his team enter the earth through a volcano in search of an inhabitable new world 1,500 miles below the planet's surface. Their mission is threatened by disaster as their water supply is contaminated and two members of the team are killed by toxic gas. They find an underground cavern, which may be the new world they seek, but when they begin their testing, the scientists discover an unexpected surprise. New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns provides the set for many of the inner-earth scenes and director Terry Morse (Godzilla, King of the Monsters) delivers otherworldly scenery and outstanding special effects. This sci-fi odyssey touches on the nuclear paranoia of the Cold War era with chilling effect.

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ALP4083 Unknown World DVD (1951/Bruce Kellogg) $5.99