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Enduring the brutal horrors of Devil's Island, jailed political writer Steve Duval plots his escape into the cannibal-infested jungles that surround the prison. The desperate prisoner enlists the aid of the commandant's young daughter, Marlene, and the two embark on a deadly trek through the dense island labyrinth, menaced by ferocious jungle beasts and hunted by hostile natives with a gruesome taste for flesh. With the sadistic warden hot on their trail and thirsty for vengeance, Steve and Marlene plunge headfirst into the jaws of death. "See hypnotic love create shocking bestial desire!" declared the ads for this feature, originally paired on the drive-in circuit with Invasion Of The Animal People. Director/writer, Jerry Warren, notorious for pasting together cheap foreign productions with American-made footage, created this cinematically-challenged under achievement. Warren's efforts have become infamous in the horror movie world, with films like The Incredible Petrified World, Teenage Zombies, and Curse Of The Stone Hand voted even worse than anti-classics like Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space. Terror Of The Blood Hunters features Robert Clarke, best known to horror fans for his starring roles in The Hideous Sun Demon, The Man From Planet X and Beyond the Time Barrier.

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RV2471 Terror Of The Bloodhunters VHS (1962/Robert Clarke) $5.99