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The Spiderwoman- London is in a panic over a series of apparent "Pajama Suicides." Sherlock Holmes, however, is more inclined to believe that they are calculated murders. It is up to the great detective and his faithful cohort Dr. Watson to discover the motive and the means of these crimes and to unmask the murderer. The Voice of Terror- When taunting saboteurs warn of a Nazi invasion of the British Isles through their horrific radio menace the Voice of Terror, the British Intelligence‘s Inner Council calls in Sherlock Holmes to help in the crisis. On the first night of their inquiry, Holmes and Watson find a dying man on their doorstep. His last word sends Holmes to London‘s seedy Limehouse district, where he enlists the aid of Kit

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MP7925 Sherlock Holmes Double Feature: The Spider Woman and The Voice of Terror DVD $19.98 $17.99