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They came, they played, they conquered. There was no stopping them. The British invasion of the U.S. pop scene was in full force in 1965. And one of the most super of the supergroups was The Dave Clark Five. The quintet takes to the screen with the same spirit they bring to their music - the "Tottenham Sound" to '60 buffs - in this breezy romp that's also the feature directorial debut of John Boorman (Deliverance). A year earlier, four well-known lads with the "Liverpool Sound" squeezed a lot of fun into A Hard Day's Night. Here, Dave and his pals stake out an entire weekend. They're on the run, helping a disenchanted media poster girl get away from it all and Having a Wild Weekend on the way. The fellas' soundtrack tunes, including the hit "Catch Us if You Can," pace the antics. And everything from pop culture to the ad biz to hippies to marmalade preferences are targets to skewer. Catch it 'cause you can!

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